The Arid Desert is a place in the first Special Forces, and takes placein or near Egypt. Raptor was charged with going there to clear the place out, and to defeat one of the key members of the Network. Raptor succeeded his operation, and soon was sent to South America to destroy a terrorist training camp.

Part 1Edit

Part one is less difficult than the the previous part of the last world, it is still a bit challenging. The terrain increases and decreases slightly, allowing the player to avoid enemy fire.

The player will also gain access to a new weapon: the Flamethrower.

Part 2Edit

Part two is more difficult, but the player should find a man in his command room that they can arrest for an extra life. This command room is inside the base, around the middle of the level. The Rope is in this level to. A new enemy reveals himself to the player as well: some men with chainguns appear now. They fire in short bursts, but they can be defeated easily.

Part 3Edit

The final part of the Arid Dessert, this is the most difficult part. The player has two options here: to run and gun while skipping enemies, or to move slowly and safley to avoid wasting ammo or any lives.

The BossEdit

The boss here is one of the terrorist Network's leaders. He weilds to Submachineguns that looks very similar to the Thompsons.This man is located on a small guard house. He is usually a step back, causing the player's fire to be pointless, as it will miss. when he takes a step forward, he takes some shots at you. This is the time to use your grenades and machine gun on him. When he is not able to be shot at, the player should focus their attention at the truck as it has an unlimited amount of men running out of it.

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