This is the first mission the player does in the second game of the series. It takes place in Africa, and involves the player to escort a convoy into a town.


The story begins when Raptor is gven the job of defending a convoy while it travels to the capital city of an unknown place. This comvoy is the second one to try to reach the people in the capital, as the first one was intercepted by the Network. This convoy is carrying food and medical supplies, so it was crucial for Raptor to defend it while it travels to the capital. Aquila One was the pilot in charge of making sure that Raptor made it to the capital.


Mission 2: 0801

Mission 3: 5779

Mission 4: 1729


There are five levels in this game, the first being a helicopter flight.

Raptor found and used a tank that the Network had stolen, aiding him greatly in his crusade to help the city.

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