CTSF Level 1 - 1

Snow covered mountains stage.

The Snow Covered Mountains is an unknown mountain range in Russia, and is found on the first part of CT Special Forces. There are three parts to this level, and an unkown armored vehicle with a driver and gunner(s) for a boss in the third mission.

Snow covered mountain part 1Edit

This part of the world is at most simple. There is one truck with a gunner, a few morter men, and a few barricades. These barricades should be tackled with the machine gun or grenades. It takes about 40 shots with the semi- auto rifle. It is recommended that the player saves as much ammo as possible for the third part.

Snow covered mountain part 2Edit

Part two is more complicated, but still not very difficult. There's more hip shooting enemies and obstacles to destroy. There is also a gap in the very beginnng that the player must jump. If the player fails to do so, they fall to their deaths. The player shouldn't have much dfficulty in this part. It is also advised that the player try to save as much ammunition as possible for the next part.

Snow covered mountain part 3Edit

This is the last part of the Snow covered mountains, and the most difficult. Enemies commonly pop up from the ground, and there is a large ammount of morters to take care of. If the player has saved any ammo or grenades from the previous two parts, nows the time to use them.

The BossEdit

The boss is a large vehicle that is heavily armor plated and has two machine guns, and a cannon.

The machine guns can be easily avoided, the cannon is a different story. Though the cannon does not attack the player, it shoots upwards, caussing a possible airstrike to drop bombs where the player is. This cannon is the vehicle's weak point, and when it appears, the player should use grenades against it before it retracts inside. Machine guns also work well. When this cannon is destroyed, the rest of the vehicle is also, there for letting the player to continue in the game.

CTSF Level 1 Boss

Snow covered mountains boss.