Sniper Rifles are long range, high power weapons that have extreme accuracy over very long ranges. They are designed for long range combat, where assault rifles, sub machine guns, or shotguns can't reach. They are usually used by exellent marksmen.

CT Special ForceEdit

In this first game, the sniper rifle is used only four times, each in a sniping scene. The player must free 5 hostages, and if they do, get a free life.

CT Special Force 2: Back in the TrenchesEdit

In the second game, the sniper rifle has the same job, and is used the same way as in the first game. However, it is now called the "rifle with the telescopic sight." It now has it's own model, that of a sniper rifle.

CT Special Forces 3: BioterrorEdit

Content unavailible. Will be put up when possible. Sorry!

CT Special Forces: Fire For EffectEdit

Content unavalible. Will be added when possible. Sorry!

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