Rocket Launcher


  1. CTSF 1 : 10
  2. CTSF 2 : 15
  3. CTSF 3 : 15


Rocket launcher shot

The rocket launcher is a weapon found in the CT Special Force series. It fires an explosive projectile, often times killing an enemy in one shot.

CT Special Force 1:Edit

In the first game, it is only revealed to the player in world 3, but was used in the first world by the enemy. When a player picks up a box of ammo for it, they get 10 rockets.

CT Special Force 2: Back To The Trenches:Edit

The rocket launcher reappears in this installment, with a new weapon model that looks like a rocket launcher, instead of the same weapon model used in the first. When a player picks up an ammo box, the now get 15 rockets, and these can be used to defeat enemies in one shot, or to destroy obstacles.

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