Passwords, or cheats, are a common way for people to have different effects on the way they are playing a game. Some let you have infinate health, or ammo. Others let you have every weapon or unlock everything. In the first two CT Special Forces games, they are used as a replacement for saving data. These unlock levels the player can play, until the console being used is shut off.

CT Special ForceEdit

Enter these passwords to unlock the corresponding level:

2: 1608 (Second world) 3: 2111(Third World) 4: 1705 (Fourth World)

Alternately, these work, and allow you to choose either Stealth Owl or Raptor.

1: 0202 (Snow Covered Mountains)

2:1408 (The Arid Dessert)

3:2704 (The Hostile Jungle)

4:0108 (The Forbidden City)

CT Special Forces 2: Back in the TrenchesEdit

All passwords in this section start the player at the level specified. Usually with 2 spare lives.

The Capital Is Under Attack :Edit

Level 2:0801

Level 3: 5779

Level 4: 1729

Nuclear Warning :Edit

Mission 1: 1293

Mission 2: 4154

Mission 3: 0427 ( This mission uses the Sniper Rifle)

Mission 4: 5861 (Head backwards when you start, explosive barrel has ammo for Assault Rifle)

Operation Sandstorm :Edit

Mission 1: 5703

Mission 2: 5792 (Has an APC, and uses the Sniper Rifle)

Mission 3: 4494

Mission 4: 5653

Mission 5: 2748 (Mission is just a truck drive, but the player must defeat Ryan Al Jahid.

Radioactive Contraband :Edit

Mission 1: 7189 ( The player rides on a train, and can find a unique Flame Thrower)

Mission 2: 7693 (Turn around when you start. A pack of grenades awaits)

Mission 3: 8881

Mission 4: 4362

Jungle Hell :Edit

Mission 1: 2638

Mission 2: 5035

Mission 3: 6262 Mission 4:

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