Jay 6, a CT Special Force informant, had been captured. Aquila One had then, because of Jay 6's capture, had been tasked with flying Raptor to a refinory that was making illegal chemicals, which were being used as weapons. This chemical weapon development was against the international agreement to ban all chemicals as being used for weapons. Jay 6 had hid some C-4 in the southern entrance to the refinory before being captured. When Raptor had freed the informant, he told this to Raptor. Raptor then found the C-4, and planted it at 4 different locations, each by a tank of the chemicals. When he had completed this, he went for Ryad Al Jahid, and killed him, putting a major blow to the Network. Mainly in financial terms, they then lacked the funding for any large scale operations.


Mission 1: 5703

Mission 2: 5792 (This mission has an APC and uses the Sniper rifle.

Mission 3: 4494

Mission 4: 5653

Mission 5: 2748 (This mission is just a truck ride, but the player kills Ryan Al Jahid)

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