Nuclear Warning is the second mission of the second game. The player gets to be Stealth Owl, and has to find out what happened to a missing nuclear bomb.

Story Edit

Raptor had caused some major disruption in the Network, which was done in the previous misson. News spread quickly and caused lots of confusion in the world. Seing an oppertunity, the Network stole a nuclear bomb. Stealth Owl was tasked with finding out what happened to this bomb. Stealth Owl, after being flown in by Aquila One, fought his way to a Network base. Once inside, one of the Networks leaders tried to kill him by destroying the base with four peices of C4. Stealth Owl however disabled them, and continued to kill the Network member.


Mission 1: 1293

Mission 2: 4154

Mission 3: 0427

Mission 4: 5861

Mission 5: 0916

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