Jungle Hell is the 5th, and last mission in CT Special Force 2 : Back In The Trenches. It involves Raptor, who had just destroyed an illegal chemical plant. He now had been told that the Network had hijacked an airliner, and demanded a ransom to pay for the next attack they planned. Raptor had been told to defeat this new problem, and to kill Lin Tao, the last boss. Avenger had also been involved in this mission. He had to rescue the hostages in this operation, while Raptor took out the enemies. In the end, the mission was a success, and the game ends with the credits.


Mission 1: 2638

Mission 2: 5035

Mission 3: 6262

Mission 4: 6398

The BossEdit

The boss, Lin Tao, has a modified truck, with a machine gun, gatling gun, and catapult that throws explosive barrels at you. To destroy him, the player must shoot the explosive barrels thrown at him/her, until they destroy the shield in front of the truck, at which point they can then use any weapon they want to do the rest.

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