Heli 2

The helicopters appears in World 2.

The Helicopter is a vehicle found in the CT Special Forces series. It is based roughly of the Apache attack helicopter.

CT Special Force:Edit

It is seen and flown twice in the first game by the player. It has unlimited ammo, and has a machine gun and bombs. The machine gun is semi auto, probably for gameplay reasons. The bombs drop in pairs, and destroy enemies or cars in one hit. Some can be found crahed in the first world, Snow covered mountains.

CT Special Forces 2: Back to the Trenches:Edit

The player can use the helicopter again, and it has some physical changes to it. The machine gun now takes two shots to destroy an enemy helicopter, and the bombs have different dropping styles. They now fly forward, making it more difficult to new players.

Some crahed ones can also be found, possibly from being shot down by Avenger or Aquila One.


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