Flame Thrower


  1. CTSF 1 : 600
  2. CTSF 2 : 200
  3. CTSF 3 : No information


No information

The Flamethrower is a weapon in the first two Special Forces games.(Unknown if in others) It allows the player to, as the name implies, shoot fire. It is very effective against obstacles, but has a short range.

CT Special ForceEdit

In the first game, the flame thrower can be used by both Stealth Owl and Raptor. It dosn't appear until the second world, The Arid Dessert. When the player picks up a box of "ammo" for it, they get 600 "shots." An interesting thing to note is that when before a boss fight, or in the last world, there are more than 2 boxes of ammo for it commonly. However, when a player picks up one box, they get 600 shots, and the most a player can have is 999. This makes some ammo boxes useless, as they do nothing for the player.

CT Special Force 2: Back In The TrenchesEdit

In this game, there has been some changes to the weapon. It now has a longer range, less fuel use, and ammo, when picked up, gives only 200 "shots" for it. It's appearence has changed as well. There is now a fuel tank that replaces the player's back pack when equiped, and it is the only weapon in the game to have two different colours. When Raptor uses it, it is green, with a green fuel tank. When Stealth Owl uses it however, it is gray, with a red fuel tank. Stealth Owl is only able to use the flame thrower once in this game, on the mission Radioactive Contraband, on the first part of it. To get it, the player needs to head up to the part where they need to climb up onto the roof of the train cars, but instead of going forwards, go back to the begining. On the last car is a single ammo pick up.

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