CT Special Forces: Back to Hell (also known as CT Special Forces 2: Back in the Trenches in North America and Elite Squad in some European countries) is a run and gun video game for the Game Boy Advance and PlayStation developed and published by Light and Shadow Productions in Europe and Hip Interactive in North America.

It was released in Europe for Game Boy Advance and PlayStation in 2003 and only for Game Boy Advance in North America in 2004. It is the second title in the CT Special Forces series.


PlayStation Port Edit

The PlayStation version of the game was developed by Wizarbox[1] and released only in Europe.

The port is not fully optimized for the bigger resolution of the PlayStation. A good example of this happens during the boss fight with Petra, in the final level of the mission "Radioactive Contraband". The far right side of the screen shows the incomplete graphics that aren't supposed to be seen in the Game Boy Advance version, since they're out of boundaries.

Soundtrack Edit

The soundtrack is composed by Shin'en Multimedia[2] and it uses their GAX sound engine[3] for Game Boy Advance.

The PlayStation port also uses the same soundtrack of the original Game Boy Advance version but in higher quality and streamed instead of sequenced.


  • The North American version of the game has some grammatical errors.
    • Raptor is talking, he would say: "we'll will." This is supposed to be "we will" but is said as "we will will".