CT special forces Fire For Effect Cover for Playstation 2
CT Special Force Fire for Effect Cover

Full Name

CT Special Force Fire for Effect




LSP (Light and Shadow Production)


Hip Interactive


Third Person Shooter, Action


Playstation 2, XBox, PC

CT Special Force: Fire for Effect (Also known for Xbox as CT Special Force: Nemesis Strike) is a TPS (Third Person Shooter) Video game for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC developed by Light and Shadow Productions and published by Hip Interactive. It was released in 2005 for PlayStation 2 and Xbox Platforms. It is the last series in the CT Special Force series until the series' bankruptcy.


To be added


Mission 1 : Raptor's Evaluation

Mission 2 : Stealth Owl's Evaluation

Mission 3 : The Tanker

Mission 4 : Just in Time

Mission 5 : Top Speed

Mission 6 : The Heist

Mission 7 : The Storm

Mission 8 : Interference

Mission 9 : Karlingrad Docks

Mission 10 : The Silo

Mission 11 : The Rain of Fire

Mission 12 : The Scout

Mission 13 : The Evacuation

Mission 14 : The Road

Mission 15 : The Sand Bird

Mission 16 : The Bunker

Mission 17 : The mangrove

Mission 18 : The Bird of Prey

Mission 19 : The Secret Labratory

Mission 20 : Jungle Escape

Mission 21 : Night Pursuit

Mission 22 : Hostage-Taking

Mission 23 : The Grand Duke Escapes

Mission 24 : The Traitor

Mission 25 : Defending HQ

Mission 26 : The Final Battle

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