Assault Rifle


CTSF 1 : 25 CTSF 2 : 50 CTSF 3 : 50


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The assault rifle is an automatic weapon that the player can use in all CT Special Forces games. However the player must find ammo for it first.

The assault rifle is an all-round useful weapon. It is especially helpful for boss fights, whether the player is out of rockets and grenades or not. Short, 5 round bursts are recommended for it to be used to it's max potential.

CT Special ForceEdit

In the first installment, the player gets 25 rounds for it per ammo box. During the final mission, The Forbidden City, at takes six shots to kill Mortarmen and Soldiers.

CT Special Force 2: Back in the TrenchesEdit

In the second installment, the player gets 50 rounds per ammo box. The ammo picked up by the player will also carry over to the next mission, allowing players to stockpile ammo for when it's needed most.

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